apt cacher for debian
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apt cacher for debian

inspired by https://github.com/salrashid123/squid_proxy

making a CA

openssl genrsa -out CA_key.pem 2048
openssl req -x509 -days 600 -new -nodes -key CA_key.pem -out CA_crt.pem -extensions v3_ca -config openssl.cnf    -subj "/C=UK/ST=Devon/L=Rose Ash/O=Google/OU=SiGyl/CN=Proxy-ca"

then set drone secrets ca-crt and ca-key to the created files

making dockerconfigjson

the drone secret dockerconfigjson allows images to be pulled from the local docker repository

if you login to this repository with:

docker login $LOCAL_DOCKER_REGISTRY --username client --password $REGISTRY_PASSWORD

then you will find the required content with:

cat ~/.docker/config.json


see here